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Specialty Optics Products

GTRAN offers a wide range of discrete emitter and detector components manufactured by using well established production processes and providing proven performance and demonstrated reliability. Emitters include Fabry-Perot lasers (InGaAsP), Super Luminescent diodes (GaAs and InGaAsP), and eLEDs (InGaAsP). These emitters primarily address applications in optical communications test equipment, although they are also used in chemical sensing, spectroscopy, and other applications. Special characteristics include high temperature stability, controlled spectral width to +- 5 nm, and controlled coupled power. A special line of sLEDs is also offered for applications in spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, organic chemical sensing, pollution monitoring, and moisture sensing. Detector components are based on planar passivated InGaAs semiconductor technology. Applications include long-wave telecommunication receivers, analog CATV/FTTH receivers, and test and measurement equipment and instrumentation. A limited number of selected PIN-TIAs are also offered. All components are produced under ISO 9001 2000 conditions in Class 1000 cleanrooms and are ROHS compliant.

High Performance InGaAs Detectors

CATV InGaAs Detectors

Large AreaInGaAs Detectors

Emitters for Chemical Sensing and Instruments

Integrated Detector Products

FP Lasers

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