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40G Products

GTRAN offers a wide variety of products to meet your 40G needs. We were the first company to demonstrate 40Gbps transponders as far back as 2002, and we have continued to develop IC and component solutions that further complement the company’s breadth of high speed products. These products include the GT40-1550TRK transponder which delivers industry leading optical performance in the smallest, MSA-compliant, 300-pin package available today.

In order to meet the market’s performance and cost-driven needs, GTRAN also has a line of 40G IC’s and components. These include a wide variety of 40G modulator driver ICs and transimpedance amplifiers, as well as a high performance PIN receiver.

300 Pin Transponder

P/N Data Rate (Gbps) Wavelength (nm) Reach (km)
GT40-1310TRK 43 1310 10
GT40-1550TRK 43 1550 2

Integrated Circuits

Modulator Drivers
P/N Type Swing (V) In Out Supplies (V) Power (W)
GT40-1010MD EAM 3 Diff SE -4.5, 1.8 1.8
GT40-1020MD LN 2 x 4.5 Diff Diff -5, 3.3 2.8
GT40-1013MD EAM 2.8 Diff SE -5.2 1.6
GT40-1016MD EAM 2 x 2.8 Diff Diff -5.2 1.6

P/N Type Gain (k) In Out Supplies (V) Power (W)
GT40-5015TA Standard 3 SE Diff 3.3 0.3
GT40-5016TA Differential 3 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3
GT10-5012TA Differential 5 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3
GT10-5013TA Differential/Dual 5 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3


40G PIN Reciever
P/N Data Rate (Gbps) Typical Sensitivty (dBm) Wavelength Range (nm)
GT40-7002RX Up to 43 -11 1260-1650