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40G Receivers

The GT40-7002RX is a wide-bandwidth 40GBits/s reciever designed for use in transponder modules and test equipment for fiber optic transmission systems such as SDH STM-256 and SONET OC-768. It incorporates a high speed PIN diode and a low noise InP HBT transimpedance amplifier with a integrated limiting amplifier. The photoreceiver module features high differential gain of typically 1200 V/W and a bandwidth of 35 GHz.


  • High speed PIN diode
  • Low noise InP HBT trans-impedance amplifier
  • -11 dBm typical sensitivity at 40 Gbits/s
  • +3 dBm typical overload capacity
  • 50Ω on-chip output termination
  • Differential AC coupled outputs
  • 8 ps typical output rise/fall times
  • 0.3 W typical power dissipation
  • XLMD form factor


  • Fiber-optics communications (SDH STM-256 and SONET OC-768)
  • 43Gb/s FEC communication systems
  • SONET/SDH test equipment
40G PIN Reciever
P/N Data Rate (Gbps) Typical Sensitivty (dBm) Wavelength Range (nm)
GT40-7002RX Up to 43 -11 1260-1650