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40G Integrated Circuits

GTRAN has a wide variety of modulator drivers and transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) for your 40G applications. The GT40-1010MD and GT40-1013MD are both widely accepted by EML manufacturers who integrate drivers with their lasers. The GT40-1012MD is a differential, high swing driver for LN modulators. The GT40-1016MD is like the GT40-1013MD except with differential output.

For the TIAs, the GT40-5015TA is ideal for PIN receivers. The GT40-5016TA is a differential TIA that is designed for balanced receivers. The inputs can adjust for differences of input power by up to 3 dBm.

The GT10-5012TA is a differential in, differential out linear TIA with AGC and is designed for coherent detection. The GT10-5013TA is a dual channel linear TIA; essentially two GT10-5012TAs on one die.

Modulator Drivers
P/N Type Swing (V) In Out Supplies (V) Power (W)
GT40-1010MD EAM 3 Diff SE -4.5, 1.8 1.8
GT40-1020MD LN 2 x 4.5 Diff Diff -5, 3.3 2.8
GT40-1013MD EAM 2.8 Diff SE -5.2 1.6
GT40-1016MD EAM 2 x 2.8 Diff Diff -5.2 1.6

P/N Type Gain (k) In Out Supplies (V) Power (W)
GT40-5015TA Standard 3 SE Diff 3.3 0.3
GT40-5016TA Differential 3 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3
GT10-5012TA Differential 5 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3
GT10-5013TA Differential/Dual 5 Diff Diff 3.3 0.3