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10G XFP Transceivers

The GT10-XFP-M5LA-706 is the latest addition to the GTRAN 10Gbps product line. The pluggable module is designed for small size and low cost while using the highest quality optics and is fully compliant with the XFP MSA specification.

Designed for ease of use, the GT10-XFP-M5LA-706 is an integrated high-speed data transceiver module optimized for OC-192, STM-64, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Fiber Channel applications with and without FEC. The 1550nm EML lasers can operate from 0 to 70°C and can reach up to 80km. A APD-based optical receivers complements the transmit optics. High-performance laser driver and receiver amplifiers are incorporated to provide optimum signal levels throughout the assembly. A retimer circuit takes in electrical data from the XFI interface for transmit via the laser module as well as taking in electrical data from the optical receiver, re-timing it, and sending it back to the user. The use of a single-chip retimer circuit reduces power consumption, saves space, and enables XFI loopback to facilitate advanced diagnostics. Low-noise clock/data recovery yields full compliance for jitter generation. The MSA compatible I2C serial interface with discrete status and alarm signals allow monitoring of key operating parameters.

The GT10-XFP-M5LA-706 is manufactured in a compact assembly with a hot-pluggable connector. All sensitive active components are hermetically sealed. The module runs on a dual +5V / +3.3V supply. All electrical signals are interfaced via a single, hot-pluggable, electrical connector, while the optical signals are provided via LC receptaclesn.


  • Fully compliant with the XFP MSA
  • XFI loopback mode
  • Intelligent I2C interface
  • 11.35Gbps operation
  • Protocol transparent
  • On-board CDR-based retiming (meets telecom and datacom jitter specifications)
  • Fast response TX disable and LOS functions
  • Operate over standard (0 to 70°C) temperature range
  • Up to 80km over SMF fiber
  • < 3.5W typical power dissipation
  • APD receiver
  • Duplex LC optical receptacle
  • Less than 1.5W power dissipation in power down mode
  • Hot pluggable
  • 0.722 W x 0.335" H x 3.07" L
  • Dual +5V and +3.3V power supplies
  • XFI electrical interface with built-in signal conditioning that allows for FR4 host PCB traces up to 200mm
  • LVTTL digital diagnostic monitoring
  • Low EMI
  • Conforms to Class-I laser safety standard


  • Test Equipment
  • Telecom
  • Datacom
  • Storage
P/N Data Rate Reach (km) Wavelength Temperature
GT10-XFP-E3SP 10.5 10 1310 Standard
GT10-XFP-M5IP 11.3 40 1550 Standard
GT10-XFP-M5LA 11.3 80 1550 Standard
GT10-XFP-M5IPA 11.3 40 DWDM Standard
GT10-XFP-M5LAA 11.3 80 DWDM Standard
GT10-XFP-E3SPI 10.5 10 1310 Industrial
GT10-XFP-M5IPI 11.3 40 1550 Industrial
GT10-XFP-M5LAI 11.3 80 1550 Industrial
GT10-XFP-M5IPAI 11.3 40 DWDM Industrial
GT10-XFP-M5LAAI 11.3 80 DWDM Industrial